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Sales Strategy. It's not a game.

It's a plan. Putting together what you are going to sell to whom. Why customers are going to want to buy your product or service? Which sales channels are you going to use?  What's the return on investment for your various options? What productivity do you need them to deliver? How are you going to support sales capability?

Developing a sales strategy is about coming up with the answers, building a framework AND THEN implementing tactics to leverage capability and resources to enable sales success.

A robust sales strategy delivers effective and efficient use of your sales resources.

We can work with you to develop your:

>  Vision & direction

>  Sales model

>  Customer segmentation plan - align customer needs to

    sales channels

>  Operational plan - coverage, budget, headcount,      

    compensation, quotas

>  Channel plan - analysis, review, sourcing, targets

>  Campaign calendar & plan

>  Implementation - recruitment, development, retention, 

    performance reviews, talent capability

>  Operational plan - sales productivity, customer 'facing' 

    time, internal alignment, sales processes,

    communications, programs, return on investment


We think a sales strategy

is fundamental for sales


Let's nail yours...

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