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Sales Operations Effectiveness.

Contrary to the thinking of many sales people, the good folks in Sales Operations don't spend their day drinking coffee and dreaming up ways to thwart the 'creative approach' they may wish to take to their roles. Well not the whole day, anyway.

But they do many important functions that underpin the productivity of sales channels, provides support for the business and assist you make decisions through the information they provide.

We can help you ensure that your Sales Operations functions are effective in these (and more) areas:


From opportunity identification to fulfillment, streamlined processes ensure alignment between your intended customer experience, and the reality of what you provide and your internal operational efficiency.

We can help with both:

>  new process design and development

>  process review and alignment.

Areas include:

>  Opportunity and pipeline management
>  Channel selection and analysis
>  Forecasting
>  Account Planning
>  Channel Management


Sales Compensation Plans, Incentive Structures and Reward & Recognition programs are three of the most powerful tools in driving the desired sales behaviours AND results.

But there is no 'one-size-fits-all' answers with your market, competitive environment, product and sales force 'maturity' and many other factors influencing what will be the optimum design. And how best to optimise program management to communicate for the highest impact, provide accurate and timely reporting and ensure governance objectives are met.

We can design an appropriate sales compensation plan, commission structure and reward programs. Or assist you review and improve your current way of doing things.



There's an old saying in sales: "What gets measured gets done". It gets repeated with knowing nods and an air of resignation because it always turns out to be true.

Having the measures and reporting in place for what you need done is vital. Not only that, accurate and timely information is essential for making the right decisions and taking the appropriate actions to align your resources, improve channel efficiency and impact on business and customer results.

Talk to us about your requirements for Sales Measures, Reporting & Productivity analysis for sales effectiveness.

Our experience with sales programs includes:

>  Sales Communications  

>  Sales Development Programs

>  Sales Accreditation

>  Sales Management Development

>  Knowledge Management

>  Reward & Recognition

>  Professional Development Programs (high performers)

>  Sales Graduate Programs

>  Sales Processes & Tools

>  Leveraging CRM assets

>  Sales Transformation


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