Typical drivers of sales transformation include:

>  External market forces - market maturity,

    technological developments, competitive

    pressures, accessibility of new channels, changes

    in customers buying behaviors (to name a few).

>  Internal pressures include new products or services,

    channel profitability, sales productivity, cost


There are, of course, more drivers of the need to "up the productivity" of sales. Each situation is individual and the recommended mix and application of the key levers of sales transformation depends on the circumstances.

Some of these include:

>  Sales skill & capability

>  Sales Management development

>  Knowledge Management

>  Sales Engagement Processes

>  Customer and channel, customer and product,

    channel and product alignment

>  Metrics and reporting

>  Sales tools and systems

>  Resources and organisational design

>  Performance Management Framework

>  Motivational Environment

We can help you review, assess, plan and implement the mix that will drive your organisation's sales transformation.

Sales Transformation. A process.



To get from:

Where you want

to be





Where are you now?

What are the gaps to where you want to be?

Which levers of sales transformation will deliver the greatest capability?

How to achieve? Who? When?

Do it!

Review progress

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