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Before your people hit the road (phone or internet)

equip them

for success

with sales


A great opportunity has been identified, maybe a marketing campaign has been developed, the business case is approved and your sales people have some brochures in their hands; they're ready to go.

Or are they?

Do they know who their best prospects are? Worked out the best way to secure a potential customer's interest? Understand from a customer's perspective why they would be interested in your offering? Have an easy-to-use proposal template? Know the ROI for customers? Know how to adapt each step of the sales process specifically for these opportunities? Is there a streamlined back-of-house process set up to pump through the volume you want sold?

Perhaps they're not quite ready yet?

Sales campaigns are the missing link between being market-ready and customer-ready. They can also fill the gap if you don't have a dedicated marketing function.

We build:

>  Sales Campaign Plans and Calendars (for a single or multi-channel approach)

>  Value Propositions Development (i.e. the idea of who you are going to sell what to and most importantly, what they will buy)

>  Blueprinting methodologies and templates

>  Campaign specific sales methodology

>  Sales collateral

>  Proposal templates

>  Measures of success

>  Campaign reporting templates

>  Idea-to-fulfillment process

Sales Campaigns make it easy for your team to replicate success

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