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Skill Development

As appealing as your sales people may find it to "wing it" when it comes to preparing for sales calls or presentations - the skills to be responsive to customer needs, engage in effective communication, and present your product or service in the best possible light are essential. And they can be learned! Building the skills of your people is one of the most effective levers available to enable your sales teams and transform your capability. We help develop:

Sales Skills.


"Yes". That's what sales people want to hear at the end of a sales call. Once upon a time telling a prospective customer about your product or service and asking them to buy was often enough.

But not anymore. These days solutions must be matched to customer's needs. Competing priorities, demanding inboxes and ever-increasing expectations make your prospects busy. Very busy. Twitter, facebook, the whole internet provide them with access to levels of information they never had before (if they had time to look at it). 

Cutting through time pressures and information overload takes skill for your sales people. Real skill. From gaining access to closing the deal and managing an on-going relationship there are a multitude of skills required.

Presentation, negotiation, sales process, territory/portfolio management - the list is endless.

We design customised sales accreditation frameworks for all sales channels and provide sales skill development tailored to the needs of your team.  

Sales Leadership Skills.


Sales Management is often your largest investment in developing your sales capability. Developing the skills of your sales managers to lead and coach enables improved business performance...for all of your sales people. It is also a huge driver of employee (the no. 1 reason people leave a job is a bad boss) and customer satisfaction.

​Strong sales coaches build high performance teams that deliver sales excellence. Where many good managers often get distracted is by playing the role of "SuperSales Person" themselves.

Our work with the skill development of sales managers includes:

>  Frameworks for sales management learning & development

>  Sales Accreditation programs

>  Support tools and community forums

>  Coaching (individuals and teams) across all elements of coaching,

    presentations, negotiations, pipeline management, account planning,

    leadership, and many, many, many more!


Individual Development.


Sometimes high potential sales people, managers and executives can be demanding. They often perform better than their peers. But they want to be better. They want to keep on developing their skills.

Sometimes they are more skilled that their manager in particular areas. But still want to learn more!

Sometimes they move into a new role (expanded responsibility, from sales to management for instance) and they want to nail it immediately.

These people are worth the investment. All the time.

We provide coaching and mentoring for individuals for short-term objectives or longer term development.  

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