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Why Transform?

A toasty tale....

Whether your responsibility is delivering sales revenues and customer satisfaction and achieving sales excellence, or reaching your potential through success in your career, transformation is vital.

Species, companies and individuals that don't adapt and evolve do not survive. Simple. If you don't adapt to the environment, meet ever growing expectations, keep ahead of competitors - you get left behind.

Ever start your day with a humble piece of toast?

As you slather it with the topping of your choice do you think about how human society transformed to provide you with this as a breakfast option? Maybe not?

Think about this for a second. The invention of bread provided the capacity for agricultural societies to sustain larger populations (we're talking 30,000 years ago). But it didn't stop there, bread evolved.

The invention of the sandwich allowed Lord Sandwich, the 18th-century English aristocrat, to continue playing cards over lunch without getting them greasy. And the first bread slicing machine was hailed as "the ultimate depiction of innovative achievement" (Kansas City Star, 1928).

Within a year the first patent was approved for Charles Strite who invented the pop-up toaster and the rest, as they say is breakfast. 

No matter how innovative and life changing the invention of bread was...people continued to transform and improve it.

So even if your product, your sales process or your own skill set is the best thing since sliced bread...don't you need to continue transforming? 

Don't go stale...transform and stay fresh!

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there"


Will Rogers

There's certainly a few companies, ones that had market dominating positions that did not evolve with the environment. They have fallen by the wayside or lost their competitive position and are now playing catch up (which is not a grand slam event likely to end in glory).

It doesn't matter if you have the world's best product. Or the universe's greatest resume...if you want to survive, revive or thrive in your career - you need to keep progressing.




Do you need to Transform?

For how long?

"No, we're good"

"Of course, change is constant"

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