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Professional in Pajamas

101 Tips for Working from Home

I'd just finished writing Professional in Pajamas when the pandemic arrived and working from home went from being a choice to a requirement for many.

Then and now, the ability to work from home has been embraced by employees, contractors, freelancers and small business people alike. It offers the flexibility and freedom to organize your day, work where you choose, and focus on what you need to achieve. There is no hot-desking, commuting, or a boss watching your every move.


But, it's not all fun & games, coffee breaks and chats on the phone. It's work. It can be hard work, And it can be lonely. Sometimes it can be tough with long hours, and the line between your work and home life can often blur.

The good news is I figured out a bunch of tips to manage the drawbacks and make it work for you (101 of them!)

Professional in Pajamas provided 101 tips for working from home that include how to: 

  • Get your work done and be productive

  • Keep the balance between work and home

  • Set up where you work

  • Know the technology you need to invest in

  • Maximize your impact on conference calls

  • Stay top of mind by keeping in touch

  • Choose your future through ongoing career development

  • Look after yourself and your well-being.

And if you're wondering if you can be Professional in Pajamas...why not get the book? Or call in the blog at Career Tips to Go visit here

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Also available in the Apple Store and other places where you buy your books!

Hot Tips for Career Chicks

Unlocking the CODE to success

With unique insights into the subtleties and nuances of workplace-culture, Hot Tips for Career Chicks provides the key to unlocking the code to career success.

Focusing on Communication, an individual's Operating style, career Development and Everything else that goes with managing a successful career, Hot Tips for Career Chicks provides over 200 practical and easy-to-implement tips and answers to must-know secrets to accelerate career success.

The CODE provides a framework, or a blue-print which will help to develop many of the variables - the skills that are required to manage a career. 

Karen's premise is that being good at your job is not enough to realize your potential (although it is essential!). The career plan of working hard and waiting to be noticed has proven itself to not work out that well for most people.

Managing your career to achieve your ambitions and enjoy your work (these are not mutually exclusive!) can be a positive experience. Made so much easier when you have an insight into a clear set of guidelines (that work!) to follow.

Featured topics include:


  • how to communicate so what you mean is understood

  • developing a career plan and ensuring that you earn what you're worth

  • how to work in teams

  • make meetings effective

  • resolving conflict

  • and a whole lot more!

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