With unique insights into the subtleties and nuances of workplace-culture, Hot Tips for Career Chicks provides the key to unlocking the code to career success.

Focusing on Communication, an individual's Operating style, career Development and Everything else that goes with managing a successful career, Hot Tips for Career Chicks provides over 200 practical and easy-to-implement tips and answers to must-know secrets to accelerate career success.

Hot Tips for Career Chicks

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The CODE provides a framework, or a blue-print which will help to develop many of the variables - the skills that are required to manage a career. 

Karen's premise is that being good at your job is not enough to realize your potential (although it is essential!). The career plan of working hard and waiting to be noticed has proven itself to not work out that well for most people.

Managing your career to achieve your ambitions and enjoy your work (these are not mutually exclusive!) can be a positive experience. Made so much easier when you have an insight into a clear set of guidelines (that work!) to follow.

Featured topics include:


  • how to communicate so what you mean is understood

  • developing a career plan and ensuring that you earn what you're worth

  • how to work in teams

  • make meetings effective

  • resolving conflict


There is also practical guidance on:


  • developing the skills to know when to move on (to another job)

  • how to get the job you want

  • networking

  • working with mentors

  • And a whole lot more.

"Here is a book that gives some insights and tools to make sure that you are empowered to create your own destiny. It will put you clearly in the driving seat"

Naomi Simson

CEO Redballoon.com

"Karen's new book rocks, brilliant advice, spot on, great tips and an easy read!"

Andrea Molloy

Author, "The Ultimate Guide to Success at Work"

"I've read the book twice. It will save women starting out in their careers a lot of angst to read it and older women any further angst"

Kate Southam, Daily Telegraph

"Particularly relevant because of the insights it offered on the communication style more common in business settings"

Sarah, Amazon review

Career Chick Chat is an online resource designed to provide hints, practical tips and advice that can be used. 

Learn the skills to enable:

     >  your contributions to be understood and valued;  

     >  the development of a positive professional reputation

     >  you to take control of your career

Some of our most popular articles:

Nobody stands up at the Oscars, the Golden Globes or any other event where individuals are recognized and says in their acceptance speech, "Thanks, I did this all myself!".

Not only would this be seen as arrogant (to say the least) but the reality is, it's not true or even possible. No one can really "shine" without the expertise, coaching, knowledge or help of others. Read more...

12 Tips for More Effective Emails

According to Royal Pingdom the average corporate user sends and receives 112 emails per day. These are being sent between the 3.146 billion email accounts across the world!

This may be the understatement of the century - but that's a lot of communication to manage - every day. Read more...

5 Fast Tips for coffee meetings

In the blog  'Why Coffee is Good for your Career' we chatted about some of the reasons why taking business and networking meetings out of the office and into the more relaxed surrounds of a cafe can be a good idea.

This raised the question about whether there are any protocols or etiquette around these coffee meetings? The short answer is - yes. Read more...

What others are saying:

Looking for a job can be a demotivating experience - frustration when you don't get responses to your applications, angst about 'finding the right thing' and concern for your future. And that's even when you still have a job you want to move on from!

Add to this the extra stress and worry if you aren't working and the whole thing can be quite challenging to stay smiling and upbeat through the process. Read more...

What to do when...you're nervous before a presentation

I have found that there is no better antidote to presentation nerves than being very well prepared.

When I've done my research, tailored my presentation to the audience, rehearsed and made sure there are not going to be any hitches with the technology - it makes a huge difference to how I feel before I stand up to speak.

However, no matter how well prepared you are - last minute nerves can sneak up on you. Read more...

Unlocking the CODE to success

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