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Knowing what you are going to sell to whom, why they will buy and how you are going to sell it is the place to start with building sales capability. 

Your vision sets the direction for the application of your resources, points to where your capability needs to be enhanced and engages your team and customers. 

The information available today is vast. Product information, processes, sales methodologies, competitor information - all vital for your sales people to know to be able to execute your sales strategy.

Knowledge Management is about having the right information and tools available in a way that encourages sales people to access and use what you provide.

A cohesive plan designed for your sales channels; tailored Initiatives and programs aligned to the key levers of transformational change.

The deliver sustainable growth in sales capability and effectiveness. 

Keep pace with your customers and market.

What gets measured, remunerated, reported, trained, incentivised, and supported with programs, processes and tools - gets done. Efficiently and effectively.

Streamlined sales operations underpin the productivity of sales channels and the delivery of sales strategy and results.

Ensure your framework supports your sales function and broader organisation.

Customized skill development for teams, managers and individuals to improve effectiveness and productivity.

The ability to appropriately represent your company, meet the needs of your customers and coach and develop your people. 

Not a "soft" skill in our book. 

Replicating a strong value proposition for customers, common sales process and support materials makes sense. It's an efficient use of ideas and resources.

Campaign calendars schedule activity using the most appropriate channel at the most suitable time.

Sales campaigns provide your people with the tools they need to be successful. And efficient.


Tender & bid management support for when you need to develop a winning, compliant proposal.

Proven tender/proposal support includes win-proposition development, project plan, milestone tracking, compliance checking, consistency of messaging/wording across documentation and expertise in value proposition development and executive summary writing.

Going to market through the appropriate channels is vital for cost efficiency. As important is to select the channel that your customers and potential customers want interact with from initial touch points through to fulfillment.

Value proposition development to channel planning, selection, ROI analysis and review.

Application of strategic planning, sales, marketing, customer service and operations knowledge to your projects and initiatives.   

Previous projects include Social Media Strategy, Request for Proposal Development & Vendor Management, Campaign Plans, Marketing Plans, Customer Service Review, Executive Presentation Development, Business Plan Reviews, Recruitment, Change Management Implementation and Business Workshops.

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