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Speaking Engagements

Insights. Ideas. Information. 

Karen Adamedes is a speaker who delivers highly impactful presentations with unique insights into the skills and knowledge required to complement and augment a successful career.

Packed with stories, ideas and tips, Karen's sessions offer a practical and easy-to-implement approach to career development.This is the stuff that doesn't get taught at school or university. Sessions are tailored to the needs of each audience. 

Popular Topics:

>  Unlock the CODE to career success

>  Career Planning

>  How work works

>  Presenting with Panache

>  Developing your Operating Style (how you work)

>  7 Secret Career Weapons

>  'Mean what you say' and other communication tips

>  Keep the dream alive - developing your career

>  Get the Job You Want

>  Earn What You're Worth



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