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Knowledge Management

All too often senior executives and sales folks are horrified at the standard of proposals or information that gets passed on to customers. "But we trained them!" they cry. And they did. "We told them what to do". And they did. 

But did they show their sales people what they expected? 

Did they provide them with proposal templates with the key messages that they want communicated to customers?

Did they supply an easy-to-use methodology to access collateral, product differentiation information and competitive positioning?

Did they gather the learnings from win/loss reviews, best practice and customer experience?

Don't let your sales people rely on Google for their great ideas. They might get there. Eventually. But the time taken, the productivity lost, the knowledge that you already have - it's wasted without a knowledge management strategy and tools.

We can help with Knowledge Management Strategy development and practical tools that underpin sales excellence:

>  Sales Collateral

>  Value Proposition development

>  Proposal templates

>  Account Planning templates 

>  Win/loss learnings

>  Product / differentiation 

>  Intranet Management 

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