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Skill Development Workshops

Prepare yourself to stand out from the crowd. 

They say that the way to have a successful workshop is to have good food. That's one way. The other is easy-to-understand content that is practical and easy to apply back in the workplace. We voted for the second option.

We aim to share experiences and information that will expand your knowledge and options about how to work effectively in your job and develop skills for your longer term career management. Workshops can be tailored for teams and organisations.

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Who are our workshops for?

> Anyone, at any level, who is likely to need to communicate effectively, present, work with others, be more effective in how they work.

> Anyone starting, thinking about changing or planning their career. 

> Anyone who is interested in developing or enhancing the skills they require to underpin their career.


Some of our popular topics include:

Compelling Communication:

>  How to ensure what you mean is what you say/write/text etc.

>  Why words are important 

>  How to be engaging 

>  Capturing the attention of senior and busy people

>  How to communicate to be more effective in your role and enhance your credibility

    and professional reputation.

Powerhouse Presentations:

>  How to tell stories to hold your audience's attention

>  Communicating and selling your ideas (and you)

>  Presenting with Pictures

Career Planning:

>  Where to start - from goal setting to making a plan

>  The importance of self awareness

>  Building an action plan

>  How to establish a career 'team'

>  How to leverage mentors and networks

>  Keeping on track

Working in Teams:

>  Identifying your strengths and contributions to a team

>  Understanding the components of a successful team

>  How to work with others (even the 'difficult' folks)

​Your Working Style:

>  Establishing your professional credibility

>  How what you do impacts how you are seen

>  Core skills of your style including how you work in teams, resolve conflict, lead,

    negotiate and develop resilience.

Get the Job You Want:

>  Demystifying the recruitment process

>  How to 'sell' yourself

>  Resumes, cover letters, referees and the role of social media

>  The skills to be recruited

>  Knowing what you want

>  Keeping control of the process

These are just a few of your us to talk about your requirements...


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