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Any questions? 

We thought you might be wondering about a few here are some of the questions we often get asked. If your question's not here please feel free to contact us at


How do you engage with companies?

Good question. The answer though is it depends; on your company and what you need. Engagements vary from facilitation of workshops for a couple of days, longer term consultancy over the life of a project to  bringing in a team of associates (as their skills are required) to run a major transformation project. Let's talk about what you need...


What options are available for an individual for career consultancy?


Karen provides a range of consultancy services from face-to-face meetings (if you're in Sydney) to Skype and telephone calls to email support. Let's talk about what you need...


Do you have client testimonials?

Yes we do. Much of the work that we do is confidential by the very nature of what we do. Often companies and individuals do not want to plaster that they sought assistance to change all over the web. So we've decided not to publish their words of appreciation but we can certainly provide references when you're deciding if Abney Hall is right for you. Let's talk about what you need...

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