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Do you have a new opportunity in the wings? Need to make a change in your career?

Wanting to know more about how to make the most of your abilities? Or maybe need to bounce something off someone experienced and independent? We know how you feel. It can be a little bit daunting...and easy to put off tackling these issues by keeping busy with the day-to-day.

Think of a career mentor a little like a personal trainer at the gym; working with a professional to help you set and achieve your goals. Only this won't hurt after...(Find out more...)'s up to you!

Take control of your career.

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Our practical workshops provide insights into what works for the development and management of a career. No matter what your role in an organization there are core skills to ensure that you communicate effectively, develop an operating style (how you work) and actively manage you career - that are required to ensure your contributions are maximized. And appreciated.

Knowledge, skills, tips and ideas that you can use. Our workshops are designed to meet your needs...(Find out more...)

Stories, lessons and ideas. Keynotes, conferences, team meetings. Highly impactful presentations with unique insights and useful information into the skills and knowledge required for a career. The stuff they don't teach at school or university. A practical approach to career development.

Sessions are tailored to the needs of each audience on a range of career related topics... (Find out more...)

Career Specialist, Karen Adamedes is the author of career guide, "Hot Tips For Career Chicks". Karen has developed a CODE for career success which provides a framework that unfolds to reveal the skills that are necessary to be effective in your work and have your contributions valued. It's about taking control.

There are over 200 practical and easy-to-implement tips and answers to must-know secrets to accelerate career success. And it's not just for chicks...(Find out more...) 


A resource for career development and planning, Inspiration and encouragement. Regularly featuring practical tips and ideas, popular past blog topics have included:

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>  5 Tips for Managing Your Work and Your Career

>  What to do when you're Nervous Before a Presentation

>  Why Coffee is Good for Your Career

>  5 Fast Tips...Actions for Your Career Plan

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Karen Adamedes                works with people           and organizations on   career skill         development. (As well           as consulting on               sales and business transformation). 

"A career is not your profession, your title or the company you work for" says Karen. "It's about the knowledge, skills and experience you gain in every job, with every challenge you overcome, every success you have, every time you apply something new. It's everything you do in your working life.

Taking control of your career by developing the knowledge and skills will give you choice. Choice about where you work, who you work for, what work you do and whether you enjoy what you do and achieve.

Career Development is about choice. Yours."

Working for market-leaders in Australia (and more recently as a consultant), Karen has pursued a successful career in sales, marketing, operations and senior management; managing national teams and multi-million dollar budgets. She is an accomplished senior executive with a proven track record of success in driving the delivery of business results and the development of high performance teams...(Find out more...)

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